Saturday, August 25, 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong

Largest Iraqi flag flies over US

Iraqi adventurist Fareed Lafta, a pilot, skydiver, former weightlifting champion, and Iraq's only qualified cosmonaut, broke a Guinness record for largest flag flown while skydiving when he flew the Iraqi flag while parachuting over the Skydive Chicago facility in Ottawa, Illinois, a few days ago. Before that he flew in a lawn chair suspended by helium-filled party balloons over central Oregon, USA just last month.
Lafta, born in 1978, was part of the team that did the first ever Mt. Everest skydive in 2008 and he hopes to represent Iraq in space one day.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Saudi Arabia objects to dot gay domain

Because Saudi Arabia is clearly such a 'moral' society:
Opposition to the creation of the internet address ending .gay has been voiced by Saudi Arabia. Its Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) said the action would be "offensive" to some societies and cultures.

The authority has filed an official objection to the move with Icann - the organisation overseeing the rollout of hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLD). "Many societies and cultures consider homosexuality to be contrary to their culture, morality or religion," its submission said.

"The creation of a gTLD string which promotes homosexuality will be offensive to these societies and cultures. We respectfully request that Icann refuse the application for this gTLD."

The country has also objected to:

.sex on the grounds it would increase the proliferation of pornographic material on the web.

.virgin, .sucks, .dating and .baby because they might also be used by pornographic sites.

.tattoo because the practice is contrary to religions "such as Islam and Judaism".

.wine and .vodka since they could glamourise the consumption of alcohol.

.africamagic because it "implies that it is linked to black magic and this is considered offensive".

Friday, August 03, 2012

A valiant Free Syrian Army fighter poses after heroically rescuing a kitten from the clutches of Assad regime forces in Aleppo.