Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Angelina Jolie receives a warm welcome from Iraqis during her visit.

The crowd was heard chanting, "Send us American celebrities, not bombs," and "With our blood and souls, we sacrifice ourselves for you, o Angie".

I vote for Kim Kardashian to visit us next


Bruno said...

"Send us American celebrities, not bombs,"

... sounds like some sort of subversive lefty anti-coalition message. ;)

I agree of course.

The irony is, as far as American pop-culture goes, it is the single most persuasive tool the USA has at its disposal to influence other peoples. Why is there always the need to pull out the big stick??

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...

      "I vote for Kim Kardashian to visit us next"

Leavin’ the blondes for the Saudi flyboys then?  (That blood and souls and sacrifice stuff sounds just about as spooky when it's for celebrities as it does for imams and dictators, by the way…)

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

And where was Brad? Gotta keep the girls happy too. :)

Marcus said...

"A Pakistani man, one of approximately 10,000 people participating in an anti-American rally, has died. The cause of death? Complications from inhaling the smoke of burning American flags."


I wonder - does that sort of death qualify the guy for martyrdom? If so, will he get the full amount of 72 virgins or might he have to settle for 36 of them?

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...
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Marcus said...

I would definitly not have guessed that Sweden would vote the most in favour of the "interventions" in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya of all EU nations + the US. We seem to have been most in favour of every one of them, at least in retrospect.

Check out the top chart:


The whole survey is really interesting. And although it's long it's a fairly thing to skip the text and just check out the charts and graphs.

Here's European views on Obama and Romney and how Europeans would vote in the US election:


Bruno said...

@ Marcus -

So the Americans got him after all! See, the murkins really are everywhere! ;)

Seems like a good business opportunity to export US flags to Pakistan these days, LOL.

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...
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Lynnette In Minnesota said...

See, the murkins really are everywhere! ;)

Have you looked in your closet lately?

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...
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Lynnette In Minnesota said...

My condolences to Ambassador Stevens family and friends. He sounded like a good person.

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