Friday, July 27, 2012



   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...

I get that they're pissed at the UN, but that's not exactly a UN flag, and the character on the flag is pretty much indistinguishable.  Much of whatever's supposed to be their point is gettin’ lost in translation I'm afraid.

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...

Today's entry re:  American politics

The recent GDP calculations (came out yesterday) show the American economy slowing as we entered summer.  Considering the slowdown in China (and India I think), and the outright recession in Europe, this is not surprising.
Surprising or on, this is exceptionally good news for the Romney campaign and exceptionally bad news for the Obama campaign.  Historically, the direction of the economic trends in late summer/early fall, are probably the single most accurate indication of whether or not an incumbent president can expect to be re-elected.  The direction of the economic trend tends to correlate more closely with presidential success in his re-election effort than do the absolute economic numbers, and this direction is bad news at the worst possible time for Obama.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...

Typo correction:  "Surprising or not…"

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


I hope you managed to get some sleep before that Shisha party, Zeyad. :)

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


That might have something to do with the protests over that shooting that happened in Anaheim, rather than the UN.

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...

Kinda makes one wonder what the hell the UN logo is doing in the mix then.  But, then again, the Mexican death mask (from the Día de los Muertos holiday) doesn't seem to fit either.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


Only Zeyad knows for sure.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...


I just finished the last of Karfan's posts. IMHO it is one of his best. I left this comment:


I followed Zeyad's link and have just finished reading your last post. You are a wonderful writer who paints a graphic picture of what life in Syria is like.

But that it is exactly why King Lion the 2nd, or any other king like him, will never get the Jolan back: they never can understand the real problem at stake here: it is humans not land.

Yes, it is always about people. Not just the Israeli/Arab conflict, but all the other issues as well. Understand what's important, and you might find a solution.

I hope you are safe and that Syria finds a light at the end of the tunnel she is now traveling through."

Thanks for posting that link again. I don't know how I missed it the first time you posted about him, but I did.

Synik said...

Lee, it's not a UN flag and it's not a Mexican 'death mask'. Wrong on both counts.

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...

      "Lee, it's not a UN flag …"

I do believe I said just that; to wit:

      "…that's not exactly a UN flag…"
      Lee C. @ 8:08 PM, supra
      "…it's not a Mexican 'death mask'…"

I see no reason to assume you have any familiarity with Mexican death masks.  So, what else ya got?

You wanna take a crack at explaining the figure superimposed on the UN logo?  Or you just takin’ shots in the dark here?

Synik said...

It has nothing to do with the UN. It's the flag of Anonymous, the international hacktivist collective. The mask is a Guy Fawkes mask popularized in the movie V for Vendetta and is often donned by socialist and anarchist protesters all over the world.

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...

    "It has nothing to do with the UN."

Except for the UN logo right smack dab in the middle of it.  One might suppose the appropriation of the UN logo is supposed to represent a claim to some sort of international legitimacy or something like that.

      "The mask is a Guy Fawkes mask popularized in
      the movie V for Vendetta…

Well, one should not expect accuracy nor originality from anarchists I guess.  (Contemporaneous images of Guy Fawlkes show him with a full beard and mustache turned down at the corners of the mouth, not up.)

So we got an kiddie anarchist walkin’ down the streets of Anaheim then?
Not quite sure what I'm supposed to make of that, if anything beyond it being an amusing image.

dancewater said...

Lee C. -- you are clueless.

   Lee C.  ―   U.S.A.      said...

I'm clued in enough to not take serious an anarchist costume on a kid almost certainly hasn't hit puberty yet, and doesn't yet know what the hell his politics are, or are going to be.

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