Saturday, April 14, 2012

Iraq Kurdish donkey party unveils statue

A political party in Iraq's Kurdistan region called the Donkeys' Party has unveiled a statue of its four-legged namesake in dress attire. The bronze statue shows the head and shoulders of a donkey dressed in a suit, collared shirt and tie.

Five feet high and three feet wide, it took Kurdish sculptor Zerak Mira seven months to create and cost £2,500. It is located on Nali Street, Sulaimaniyah, which is named for a famous Kurdish poet who wrote a well-known poem about donkeys.

The statue was unveiled at a ceremony attended by a number of Kurdish artists and intellectuals.


JG said...

Believe it or not our own president here in Oirland has written a poem called 'The Ass' !

"I recall the soft velvet of his ears, as he bent in habit for the winkers, the resignation too of his taking the bit past the surrender of his yellow teeth."

   Lee C.  ―  U.S.A.    said...

Doesn't that statue run afoul of some sort of Islamic prohibition on animal images?

Freddie Starr said...

JG ate my hamster!

Anonymous said...

Lee, get a grip. The message of the statue is political

   Lee C.  ―  U.S.A.    said...

      "The message of the statue is political."

Yeah, I got that part.  If they get bitched at by the Fundies, that'll likely be political too.

Anonymous said...

Well it was a dumb observation. I'd stick to tending to chickens

   Lee C.  ―  U.S.A.    said...

      "Well it was a dumb observation."

Ah!  I believe I have my answer then.

Bruno said...

Very cool statue. We could do with something like that here, given the way our domestic politics is going

Bruno said...

But ... but, what about the "reconstruction"

"Iraq has signed a contract to buy 250 megawatts of electricity per day from the United Arab Emirates' Oilfield Services, the Electricity Ministry said yesterday. The deal is aimed at dealing with acute power shortages given the onset of summer."

"Iraq is on a path leading away from the reasonably democratic model the U.S. hoped [lmfao] to leave behind. President Nouri al-Maliki is on a power trip. More broadly, his government is pushing laws that would constrain freedoms fundamental to a democracy.

Maliki, a Shiite, has gone after leading Sunni politicians, most notably issuing an arrest warrant, on what seem to be trumped-up murder charges, for Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, now a fugitive. In response, Hashimi’s Sunni-dominated party, a part of the governing coalition, refuses to participate in the Cabinet. "

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Nice tie.

   Lee C.  ―  U.S.A.    said...

More re:  American politics

      "In ads and speeches, during interviews and through
      the use of surrogates, Romney and his party need to
      prosecute their case relentlessly. They need to
      imprint into the mind of voters a basic proposition:
      Barack Obama’s claims are worthless… 
      "Romney has to shatter the illusion that Obama
      is believable, trustworthy, a man of public integrity.
      The sooner Romney begins, the better…
      The Weekly Standard

Yep, probably gonna get ugly ‘tween now and November.

JG said...

Lynnette: Nice tie.

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