Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shia clerics say protests should be delayed

Typical reaction from the clerical establishment which wants to see Iraq's Shia remain under its thumb in order to keep their coffers full. These anti-corruption protests sweeping the country from Sulaimaniya to Basrah are a huge threat to those who are impeding progress in the 'democratic' Iraq. Now is the time for Iraqis to come together and demand some action from the bickering politicians they've elected to office.

Iraq’s top Shiite religious leaders, the populist cleric Moktada al-Sadr and Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, called Wednesday for Iraqis to defer their protests, leading many members of the country’s Shiite majority to say they would not join in nationwide demonstrations scheduled for Friday.

Many Sunnis said they still planned to go ahead with the demonstrations, which are being billed as a “day of rage.” But the Shiite withdrawal dealt a significant blow to protest organizers, who had hoped to fill Iraq’s streets with millions of people to call for improved government services.



Anonymous said...

Ayatollah Mitsubishi

analee said...

Good for the Iraq to have a religious leaders.

Petes said...

I wonder who's yankin' Mocktada's chain. I doubt if he can string two coherent thoughts together on his own.

Freddie Starr said...

Petes ate my hamster!

Freddaí Fíor an Réalta said...

D'ith Freddaí Bréige mo hamstar!

Anonymous said...

Your name is Lynnette, not Freddie Starr. And don't call that thing between your legs a hamster. It's disgusting.

أكلت فريدي ستار الهامستر بلدي said...

أكلت فريدي ستار الهامستر بلدي

Anonymous said...

@ Zeyad.

And it's getting worse in US-'libewated' Iraq: al-Zaidi has been illegally detained, and al-Maliki has warned that demonstrators are all al-Qaida and Saddamists!

Fresh from Associated Press:

'Iraqi PM to country: Stay away from Friday demo',

"Iraq's prime minister warned his people to boycott a planned anti-government protest scheduled for Friday, saying it was being organized by supporters of Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida.
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki gave no proof for his assertion in a nationally televised speech Thursday".
"Earlier Thursday, the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush was forcibly detained by the Iraqi Army after making what is believed to be his first public visit to his homeland after being freed from prison".

   Lee C.  ―  U.S.A.       said...

      "Maliki has warned that demonstrators are all
      al-Qaida and Saddamists!

Curiously, Qadhafi is now also blaming al-Qaeda for stirring up the rebellion aqainst him.  Seems the Middle East may be developing a new boogeyman, replacing the Evil Merkins and the Jews as the font of all Evil.  This must frustrate Bruno and the ersazt ‘Italian’ no end.  (Partially explains why Bruno is no longer gleefully posting so much foolishness these days.)

Word is that Lybian rebels have now taken Mistrata, about 200 klicks east of Tripoli, and Zawiya, about 50 klicks west of Tripoli.

Marcus said...

I read in a swedish article that Al Qaeda in the Maghreb has tried to make the Libyan protesters' cause their cause:

Translated the AQ message would read something like:

"We'll do all we can to assist you, with the help of Allah, because your struggle is every muslim's, who loves Allah and his message, struggle".

That's probably the last thing the protesters need.

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