الأربعاء، فبراير 16، 2011

Photos of Valentine Day protests in Baghdad

More (via Iraqi Streets 4 Change)

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Freddie al-Starr يقول...

Freddie al-Starr ate my hamsta

Freddie al-Starr يقول...

Freddie al-Starr ate my hamsta.

Freddie al-Starr يقول...

Freddie al-Starr ate my hamster.

Jeremy يقول...

Stunning photos. Thanks for posting.

Bruno يقول...

The problem with protesting in Iraq is that somebody who doesn't like your protest might 'accidentally' slip in a car bomb. But I am glad to see that your countrymen are still steadfast despite everything that they have gone through

Bruno يقول...


"He told me he needed some information about my life. He said it was very important, that Iraq had a dictator and I needed to help." At this point, according to Curveball, he decided to let his imagination run wild. For the next six months, he sat with Paul — the BND's resident expert on weapons of mass destruction - and calling upon his knowledge of chemical engineering from university and from his work in Baghdad, he manufactured a tale of dread.
Asked about how he felt as the bodycount among of countrymen mounted and Iraq descended into chaos, Curveball shifted uncomfortably in his chair, then said: "I tell you something when I hear anybody – not just in Iraq but in any war – (is) killed, I am very sad. But give me another solution. Can you give me another solution? "Believe me, there was no other way to bring about freedom to Iraq. There were no other possibilities."


Speaking of which:

"Security forces Tuesday discovered mass graves in Baquba containing bodies of civilians and Al-Qaeda militants, a security source said. The forces found a mass grave containing bodies of 68 civilians killed by Al-Qaeda southern Baquba, the source said. He said Al-Qaeda militants killed the civilians, including women, between 2006 and 2007. The security forces knew the location of the mass grave following a confession by Al-Qaeda militant who was captured recently."


Kind of him to take it upon himself to decide that causing utter havoc in Iraq was 'worth it'.

Bruno يقول...

The Obama administration has responded quite differently to two embattled governments that have beaten protesters and blocked the Internet in recent days to fend off the kind of popular revolt that brought down Egypt’s government. With Iran — a country under sanctions pursuing a nuclear program that has put it at odds with the West — the administration has all but encouraged protesters to take to the streets. With Bahrain, a strategically important ally across the Persian Gulf from Iran, it has urged its king to address the grievances of his people. [...] But now, administration officials see an opportunity to expand the fissures in Iranian society and make life more difficult for the mullahs. “This isn’t a regime-change strategy,” a senior administration official insisted in recent days. “But it’s fair to say that it’s exploiting fractures that are already there.”


gosh, exploiting fissures in society? Isn't that what was done in Iraq?

So then why do they hate America? One of the main reasons is the U.S. government’s aid to Israel. Israel is seen as invading Muslim holy land, as well as committing terrible crimes against the Palestinians. [...] Another source of anti-American sentiment is the installation of pro-U.S. puppet governments in Middle Eastern countries. [...] The number of Muslim civilians killed in American operations is another major source of hatred.


The War Nerd:

"The War Nerd On Af-Pak: Losing the Long War, One Man at A Time

Want to see how we lose men in Afghanistan?

Are you sure?

Well, if you really want to, you can, thanks to this clip from French TV (scroll down to view it ). I warn you though, it’s pretty nasty stuff."


analee يقول...

It's nice to see a protest person holding a heart because its a Valentine's Day.

Nice post...

   Lee C.  ―  U.S.A.       يقول...

      "So then why do they hate America? blah,
      blah, and etc."

All them Arabs in the streets and they're not chanting anti-American slogans.  The only place that's happening is the official, ayatollah approved government sponsered Iranian gatherings.  Gotta just frustrate the hell outta Bruno don't ya know.

Bruno يقول...

So, LEE admits that it's happening.

Gosh, that must piss him off big time.

Bruno يقول...

Soon, LEE will tell us that the Iraqis in this pic are demonstrating to show their support of murika:


Bruno يقول...

Protests in Libya:

The violent clashes reported from Benghazi, on Libya's north-east coast, could well be a foretaste of what is to follow. Opponents of the regime are calling for major protests this Thursday, spreading the word by internet. Libya has had protests before, successfully quashed by the powerful security forces. But those were before the leaders of both Libya's neighbours - Tunisia to the west, Egypt to the east - were driven from power.


Bruno يقول...

More support for LEE:

"Protests against US Koran-burning sweep Afghanistan"



Bruno يقول...

LEE will love this:

"While the current level of public antipathy remains relatively low, anti-U.S. placards have been popping up amid the anti-Mubarak posters in the streets. And some seeking an end to Mubarak's three decades of rule are quick to cite what they see as American hypocrisy."


Bruno يقول...

And so on and so forth ...

I could go on, but won't.

Fact is, while these revolutions might seem to work against US interests, I do believe that in the long run we will all, including America, be better off with democracies in place instead of pro US dictators.

   Lee C.  ―  U.S.A.       يقول...

      "I could go on, but won't."
, certainly do carry on.  You are quite amusing.

Lynnette In Minnesota يقول...

With Iran — a country under sanctions pursuing a nuclear program that has put it at odds with the West — the administration has all but encouraged protesters to take to the streets. With Bahrain, a strategically important ally across the Persian Gulf from Iran, it has urged its king to address the grievances of his people.

And Bruno actually thinks that the Obama administrations encouraging the Iranian government to address the grievances of its people would work...why?

Lynnette In Minnesota يقول...

I second Analee...nice heart. :)

   Lee C.  ―  U.S.A.       يقول...

      "…Bruno actually thinks…"

???  What?  Say again.

Bruno يقول...

[lynnette] "And Bruno actually thinks that ..."


Bruno يقول...

Here's another for LEE ... Pakistan, this time:


Bruno يقول...

Chickens coming home to roost for "curveball":

A German politician has warned that the CIA informant Curveball could go to jail after telling the Guardian that he lied about Saddam Hussein's bioweapons capability in order to "liberate" Iraq. Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, who was given the name Curveball by his US and German handlers, told the German secret service that Iraq had a secret biological weapons programme. The 43-year-old defector's evidence was then passed to the CIA and became the primary source used by the US to justify invading Iraq.

Politicians in Iraq called for Curveball's permanent exile following his admission and poured scorn on his claim to want to return to his motherland and build a political party. "He is a liar, he will not serve his country," said one Iraqi MP. In his adopted home of Germany, MPs are demanding to know why the German secret service paid Curveball £2,500 a month for at least five years after they knew he had lied.

Hans-Christian Ströbele, a Green MP, said Janabi had arguably violated a German law which makes warmongering illegal. He added that Gerhard Schröder, German chancellor around the time of the second Iraq war, should also reveal what he knew about the quality of evidence Curveball gave to Germany's secret service, the BND.


Bruno يقول...

Reconstructing Iraq (for real):

The Electricity Ministry has signed a $219 contract with the Korean Hyundai company for the construction of 500 megawatt power plant, a senior aide to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said. Husain al-Shahristani, deputy prime minister for energy affairs, said the contract calls for the construction and operation of four gas-driven units in al-Quds Power Station, each with 125 megawatt capacity. Shahristani said the construction was to start immediately and the units should be completed in 18 months.


Bruno يقول...

Bahrain police stormed a Manama square on Thursday to clear activists camped out there as anti-government protests in the Middle East and North Africa, inspired by revolts in Tunisia and Egypt, gathered pace.


غير معرف يقول...

More FWEEDOM'N'DEMOCWACY in American-occupied Iraq:



Bruno يقول...

That's bad. Looks like Maliki's hoods are less restrained than their Egyptian and Tunisian counterparts.