الجمعة، فبراير 25، 2011

Iraqi day of rage

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Updates from the Voices of Iraq news agency:

- The final count of casualties resulting from Friday’s demonstrations in Mosul city is five deaths and 15 wounded, according to a local security source in Ninewa.

- Thirty-nine policemen were wounded in protests in Basra on Friday as security officials announced a curfew in the southern Iraq province until 06:00 a.m. Saturday, a police source said.

- Sixteen demonstrators in Falluja were wounded in random shooting by security forces after they stormed a government compound in the city

- An official in the Thi-Qar Provincial Council on Friday accused “Baathists” of enraging the protesters, noting security forces arrested three of the dissolved party who were among the demonstrators.

- Hundreds of citizens in Kut staged on Friday a massive demonstration in front of the local council, calling for better services and hold corrupt officials accountable. “The gathering, most of them are young men, raised banners accusing officials of stealing oil revenues and criticizing bad services in the province,” Fadel Aanied, a protestor, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

- Five protestors were wounded in clashes with security forces after an attempt to storm the local council in Soliman Bek district, northeast of Salah al-Din, a source from the operations command said on Friday.

- Protestors on Friday stormed the Ninewa provincial council, while others raised Iraqi flags on its roof.

UPDATE: Konfused Kid has a new blog post

Updated Iraqi blogs here

Video of demonstrators knocking down concrete blocks on the bridge leading from Tahrir square to the Green Zone

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Freddie Starr يقول...

Freddie Starr ate my hamster.

Lynnette In Minnesota يقول...

Geez! Isn't Freddie full yet? Must be pretty small hamsters.

An official in the Thi-Qar Provincial Council on Friday accused “Baathists” of enraging the protesters, noting security forces arrested three of the dissolved party who were among the demonstrators.

Be that as it may, that doesn't mean the protesters don't have a point about the poor services and corruption. It would be in the GOI's interest to listen and make some necessary changes.


No, no! He wants to be known as Abbas now! :)

Um Ayad يقول...

Yes....I hope "they come together as Iraqis".

What you won’t read in the mainstream press regarding Iraq’s “National Day of Rage”

"Underneath are a few comments and statements I compiled, sent to me by different Iraqi persons. It’s necessary to counter the near total media blackout on Iraqi protests, that have been going on in every major Iraqi town the past weeks. These protests culminate today in a "National Day of Rage", organized by the heroic Iraqi youth. Spread the news. Let the world know what is happening in Iraq."

It is late at night or rather it is early Friday 25th February, 2011 - the day that all Iraqis chose to call The Great Day of Anger - it is the result of the slow rumblings of the Iraqi People's anger about the past 8 years of destruction, pillage and plunder, rape, and total catastrophe. The demonstrations will continue and will get larger.

The Iraqi People are demonstrating against corruption, absolute and abysmal poverty, unemployment, total lack of services, and occupation, and very importantly corruption - administrative and fiscal corruption ; they are also demonstrating demanding freedom and human dignity and the immediate expulsion of the Occupation. They are demonstrating for Iraq and have come together as Iraqis.....


Um Ayad يقول...

Video: 4.5 Million Orphans In Iraq, Many Homeless And Hungry


Um Ayad يقول...

19 killed in Iraq's 'Day of Rage' protests

Despite pleas by the government and Shiite religious leaders for Iraqis to stay home, demonstrators gathered by the hundreds and thousands from Basra in the south to Mosul and Kirkuk in the north.

Protesters expressed anger and rage at local leaders as well as at Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, storming provincial government offices in several cities and calling for more jobs, electricity and clean water, better pensions and medical care.

Security forces used tear gas, water cannons, sound bombs and at times live bullets to disperse the crowds. Fatalities were reported in Mosul, Fallujah, Tikrit and a town near Kirkuk, when security forces opened fire on demonstrators who were surrounding--or in some cases storming--government buildings. There were also clashes in Ramadi.

In the southern province of Basra, about 10,000 demonstrators forced the resignation of the provincial governor. In Fallujah, protesters forced the resignation of the entire city council.


Um Ayad يقول...

US Embassy warns Americans to avoid Friday protests in Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan — The U.S. Embassy has issued a warden message warning Americans to avoid what could potentially be large anti-government protests in Jordan.

Jordan has seen street protests in the last eight weeks, but with much smaller crowds than in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

Friday marks the eighth straight week of protests, in which Jordanians demanded a greater say in politics, lower food prices and to popularly elect their prime minister — now a prerogative of Jordan's King Abdullah II.

The U.S. Embassy message Thursday warned U.S. citizens to "avoid demonstrations and crowds and to be aware of their surroundings."


Um Ayad يقول...

Iraq's largest oil refinery shut by bombing

Militants attacked Iraq's largest oil refinery on Saturday, killing four workers and detonating bombs that touched off a raging fire and shut down the plant in northern Iraq, officials said.

In the southern town of Samawa, a second refinery was shut down by fire but officials said initial reports indicated it was started by a technical failure rather than an insurgent attack.

The militants planted explosives at a kerosene and benzene production unit at the northern refinery in the town of Baiji, a former al Qaeda stronghold 180 km north of Baghdad, the governor of Salahuddin province, Ahmed al-Jubouri, said.

"The refinery has completely stopped," Jubouri told Reuters. "It's a big loss for the whole country. All Iraqi cities depend on its production."


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So the PNUNSMSR weighs in:

"too much gas!!"
"not enough shortages!!"
"more explosions!!"

Bruno smiles, gives extra points for the killings.

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keren sangaat gan..!!

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مدونة مزيكشن Maziktion يقول...

Yes I hope they come together as Iraqis......

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