Friday, August 07, 2009


There is little to no coverage of this, but these eight young men were the security guards of the Zuwiyya branch of al-Rafidain Bank at the Jadiriya district of Baghdad. The small bank is located just across the river from the Green Zone and a few hundred yards away from the residences of Hakim, Adil Abdul Mahdi and Badr Brigade (now members of the Presidential Brigade) checkpoints.

They were tied up and killed execution-style by a group of officers who were members of Vice President Adil Abdul Mahdi's security detail on their own turf in Jadiriya. The incident was carried out on July 28 after midnight. A huge portion of the stolen money ($4.5 million) was then located at the offices of al-'Adala (justice) newspaper (which, as you guessed, is owned by Abdul Mahdi).

In fact it turns out that the two officers who were in charge of the heist were not arrested but have already fled Iraq (who helped them flee?).

PM Maliki has stepped in to cover up for his partners in crime once more, and all public debate of the incident has been stifled. Iraqis seem to have been shocked by the brutal crime and its implications but nothing more than that. The outrage of a few brave journalists ended just two days after the incident, and now everyone is warning against rushing to conclusions or using the incident as an excuse to defame our politicians and "Islamic symbols" (whatever that means).

I don't think the symbolism of the crime was missed by Iraqis: I rule over you and plunder your wealth while you live like animals, and I will tie you up, blindfold you and shoot you in the head at will, because I can get away with it.

Rule of law mal teezi, as we say in Iraq.

However, we, the Iraqis, will bend over, once more, and take it up the behind from our rulers, as we have always done throughout our history.

That's all.