Thursday, August 09, 2007

Three Nights at the Airport "Prison"

My brother in law Mohammed has a long post describing the treatment that he and my sister received by Jordanian authorities at the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman a couple of weeks ago. They were detained for three days in the "prison" that I described earlier in my previous post.
Then an officer came to us and told us that we aren't going to enter Amman in the most humiliating way of speaking and walked away. I tried to talk to him but he closed the door in my face. I was so angry of the way he treated us; we are locked in a small room now, and my wife is scared of closed places. She was so scared and she began to cry hysterically. I felt that she will die if she stayed like this and again there was nothing I can do. This really makes me hate my self when I can do nothing. I knocked on the door many times but no one answered. It's like a prison, I shouted: don't let us in, just let us out, get us back to Iraq, I don't want to be humiliated like this. There was no answer; they just ignored us again.

After an hour of my wife crying; her eyes are so swelled now. Then another humiliating officer talked to us like we were dogs: "Get the hell out of here and go to that room," he pointed. We walked and we saw a dirty corridor with blankets and 3 small rooms. You will sleep the night here, he said. He pushed all of us and locked the door. At this time I wish I could kill one of them for the humiliation we received from them. All of us were so scared from the idea that we will sleep in a jail for the first time in our lives for no crime we did, just because we are Iraqis. Why does everyone treat Iraqis like this? We are humans. We aren't aliens. We are not animals to be put in jail for no crime.

I walked and I saw another man in one of the rooms. He was very classy. He smiled kindly when I entered. I asked, did they return you also? How long have you been here? He said, "Yes they did and this is the fifth time they return me. I don't want to enter the land of dogs "he meant Jordan" all I want is my money; all my money is there, and I want to draw it, but the dogs didn't let me in. Tell your wife that there is no need to cry like this for the land of the dogs, and if she continues crying they might tell her some words that she will not like and will never forget. This happened before and I have seen it."

Of course not only my wife was crying but all the women in the "Jail" or what the Jordanians call the Waiting Hall. All the men had red eyes. They struggled to keep the tears in their eyes, and I was one of them. I don't know why they were so sad; may be some of them for the price of the ticket $644 which was lost, maybe for the business and opportunity they have lost, but for me it's for the humiliation and disrespect I have seen, for the way Jordanians treat Iraqis, for the lost chance of seeing our parents.