Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fadhil Al-Dulaimi

Fadhil Al-Dulaimi with students at the Baghdad College Preparatory School in BaghdadFadhil Al-Dulaimi was one of my most memorable teachers at the Baghdad College Preparatory School in Baghdad. He was deputy dean and physics teacher for the last three years I spent there before I went to Dentistry School. I will never forget him because I still have a small fading scar on the back of my right hand from the time he hit me and another friend with a bamboo stick for skipping classes.

Despite his acting more like a military officer with conscripts, rather than a teacher with students, everyone respected and loved him. Students used to call him Arnoob (rabbit) because he was bald and the remaining hair he had was always up like rabbit ears. A mischievous student once brought a small rabbit to school and everyone was running after it, yelling Arnoob, Arnoob, while Dulaimi chased us with his stick with a slight smirk on his face. Long after I graduated, I would still come across Dulaimi in Adhamiya from time to time. I last saw him in early 2006.

Fadhil Al-Dulaimi was killed three days ago when a mortar round hit his bedroom while he was sleeping. His body was torn in half.

Adhamiya, a largely Sunni district of Baghdad, has been under random mortar fire coming from northern areas in the Shaab and Sadr City districts for the last few days. 27 people were killed and injured today in another round of mortar attacks on Adhamiya, the Interior Ministry said.

I'm at loss on what to do or say. I have only words left for the carnage back home.