Friday, November 17, 2006

"The Death Squads"

Channel 4 has another powerful documentary, this time about Iraq's death squads, specifically those linked to the Shia political parties in the Iraqi government. Other Channel 4 documentaries I've recently posted can be found here and here. All are required material to understand the complexities of the current situation in Baghdad.

Be sure that you'll never get this on American TV.

(If the video image seems to be intermittent, or if you have a slow connection, click the pause button and leave it for a while until the whole video loads into your browser, then click play. If the video window does not respond, you can watch it here.)

Channel 4 documentary: "The Death Squads"

To go with the video you should rean Nir Rosen's "Anatomy of a Civil War," recently published in the Boston Review. It is so good that I wish I had written it myself.

Rosen, by virtue of his Middle Eastern appearance, has been able to get to areas and into situations in Iraq that other Western journalists can only dream about. His dispatches reflect an understanding of the subtleties in Iraq that very few journalists possess. This latest article is a chronological account of the sectarian violence that Iraq has been witnessing, and it is full of interesting and revealing anecdotes and personal stories. Read it if you want a better understanding, and if you feel you are still confused about what is going on.