Friday, August 11, 2006

The Adventures of Iraqi Bloggers in Amman

Iraqi bloggers put their best foot forward

Our small group of Iraqi bloggers in Jordan has expanded with the much welcome addition of Baghdad Treasure and 24 Steps of Liberty. We met twice with the new bloggers during the last few days, after our initial get-together at Mecca Mall a few weeks ago.

I’ll leave it to the bloggers to describe the meetings, but it suffices to say that the last meeting at Al-Hussein park, west of Amman, boiled down to my brother, Nabil, singing and strumming tunes (ranging from Hotel California to Fade to Black and Fog Al-Nakhal) on his acoustic guitar, with everyone else humming and singing along while stuffing ourselves with snacks and Pepsi; a scene that, sadly, would be virtually impossible to replicate back in Baghdad!

Another teaser from the last meet up:

Nabil playing his guitar

I also attended the latest periodic meet up of Jordanian bloggers. You can find an account of how that one went at Khalidah’s blog.