Friday, July 30, 2004

More Iraqi blogs

An impressive number of new blogs written by Iraqis have been popping up here and there lately. Less by expatriates (some of whom are starting to sound extremely detached and unrealistic) and more by Iraqis living the precarious situation on the ground.

Emigre at Iraq Blog Count has done an admirable job in keeping up with the latest blogs, so I will be mainly following on her steps.

First we have the pride of the Iraqi blogosphere, 5 young Iraqi bloggers. The first being Najma, a 17 year old rising star from Mosul, who blogs about her daily life, dreams and fears. She also regularly posts some good pictures.

Her younger sister hnk who is running a drawing contest in MS Paint on her blog (in which I participated!).

Their 13 year old cousin Raghda blogs from Baghdad and wants to be the 'best younger blog'. She posts funny pictures of cats, bunnies, and frogs. For some inexplicable reason her blog brings a dose of happiness and hope to one's heart, maybe it's the pure innocence that radiates from between the lines and photos.

Zena, another 13 year old, also blogs from Baghdad and posts charming poetry in Arabic.

Last but not least, we have Ferid, a 20 year old humourous college student from Baghdad who posts Iraqi football news and chooses to name his blog the 'losers blog'. He promises to bring his friends online as well.

Moving on to more serious blogs. Ladybird has been blogging from the Netherlands for a while, she has history posts and some on the Iraqihealth system.

Ahmed in a series of letters to his friends abroad blogs about Life in Baghdad.

Abu Khaleel, a highly energetic blogger, has 6 blogs, 2 of which he says he will maintain regularly. A glimpse of Iraq, US mistakes in Iraq, Disgruntled Americans, Rapid Democracy in Iraq, Meethaq for Iraq, and Iraqi letter to America. He has some valuable and worthwhile suggestions on how to implement true representative democracy in Iraq which I hope would be noticed by the 'right' people.

Ayad, an Iraqi American, describes his experiences in Baghdad during his visit.

Sarah, another Iraqi expat, blogs her general thoughts on Iraq here.

New Kurdish blogs here, Karda, Kardox, and the Kurdistan Bloggers Union.

All the mentioned blogs have been added to the sidebar. Take some time to visit them, they are worth it.