Saturday, June 26, 2004

Ba'athist blog

I recently stumbled across this very unusual blog (in Arabic) apparently run by an Iraqi called Fadhil. He regularly posts periodic official statements by the 'Political Media and Publishing Office of the Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party' on current events. The latest statement was on the 18th of June and it harshly criticised Russian president Putin, describing him as a 'traitor' for his surprising statements on the Russian Intelligence information regarding planned Iraqi attacks against the US. The statement ends like this:

Glory and immortality to the martyrs of Iraq and Palestine,
Long live the Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party,
Long live a free and independent Iraq to defeat the occupation and extinguish the traitors and agents,
Long live a free Arab Palestine,
Long live the defiant general secretary comrade Saddam Hussein in his prisoner camp.

He also hails the daily explosions and bombings in Baghdad and throws the title of 'traitor' or 'agent' at every official currently employed in government positions including fomer Ba'athists, he praises the 'resistance' for assassinating them and he laments failed assassination attempts. Also, I was surprised to know that he is not so pleased with the performance of the Arab media (especially Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia) since he mentions that they 'serve the American agenda' and are 'compelled to display all the rubbish and speeches of the murderer and killer Bush, something which American channels are ashamed to do'. He confidently proclaims that the CIA pays these channels in return for doing so. Below is his most recent post (translated):

In the name of Allah, most compassionate, most merciful.

The Iraqi resistance has offered the proof for its Islamic national character, meaning it is faithful, honest, truthful, and pure. It has proven its credibility by targeting the enemies of Allah and humanity, in the folowing priorities:

1-American and British ulooj.
2-Foreign Intelligence agencies, under whatever identity they may assume (experts, contractors, merchants, etc.)
3-The ulloj that ally themselves with them from other nationalities.
4-Mercenaries employed by the ulooj from different nationalities including Arab and Islamic ones.
5-Agents of the occupation employed by the American adminstration in government positions (ministers, deputy ministers, advisors, etc.)
6-People working with ulooj as translators and guides.
7-People used by the ulooj against Iraqis as the agent militias of Tarzani's group [Barazani and Talibani], the Hakim of the ulooj [Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim of SCIRI], and the Da'wa.

His blog seems to have been around since last October, I have never head of it before though. Fadhil also links to a petition to free Dr. Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash and the rest of the former regime figures imprisoned by the Americans, he also links to another blog called Great Iraq (in English) which is very unreadable but appears to offer translations for the official statements issued by the Ba'ath.