Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Fox News and free speech

This is a fascinating spin of my last post on Al-Jazeera. I have to say that I am not very much familiar with Fox News' coverage of the conflict in Iraq, so judge for yourself. (contributed by Allen Booth):

What is with this worldwide liberal conspiracy against Fox News? I fail to comprehend it. Is it because it dares to speak the 'truth'? You should know that the 'truth' hurts.

Is it because it dares to 'twist' the facts just a little bit in order to please and satisfy the conservative American masses? You should know by now that Americans are fond of rhetoric and of being cast in the role of victors.

Is it because of its highly successful coverage of the US war against Iraq? You should know that Fox News was right and that there were stockpiles of WMDs in Baghdad on April 9.

Is it because of its exclusive privileges to air videotapes and messages from every Bush administration flunky and sick neo-con in the Western world? You should be proud of Fox News' cosy relationship with the Bush administration.

Is it because it keeps complaining about the foreign terrorists in Iraq while not mentioning a single word about US aggression in other countries around the world? You should know that George Bush is always right.

Is it because of its self-describing motto which says 'Fair and Balanced' which is never ever the case? Is it because it claims to be objective and unbiased when it clearly refers to mercenaries in Iraq as 'contractors'?

Is it because it tends to describe Iraqis killed by US forces as terrorists, whereas hundreds of Iraqis killed are just innocent civilians? You should know that the life of a Iraqi civilian is cheap when it is taken by an American as long as it is in the name of promoting US interests.

Is it because it calls cluster bombing in Iraq 'precise' operations, whereas all violence against US forces are acts of 'terrorism'? You should know that Fox News has employed renowned neo-con pundits who can issue instant judgements to distinguish killing in the name of good from terrorism.

Is it because it reports US military briefings and White House statements as facts without bothering to offer proof or explanation afterwards? You should know that isn't necessary as long as it achieves the desired effect.

Is it because of the tendency of its talk show hosts to quickly shut up every guest or participator in its programs who mentions or criticises a right-wing leader, and to say "Shut up you moron"? You should know that Bush administration leaders are flawless and beyond any reproach.

Please Mr. Liberal, you should encourage our Fox News' blossoming attempts of free speech not suppress them.