Tuesday, April 20, 2004

More Arab blogs

I discovered a whole bunch of them (Thanks to everyone who sent links). Methinks there are more Arab blogs than we might believe there are. First one is The Religious Policeman, a Saudi blog written by Al-Hamedi (and it seems we are distantly related!), where he describes the incredible escapades of the Muttawa (Saudi religious police) in the glorious kingdom of the house of Saud. Terrifying eye-opening stuff.

Then we have another Egyptian blog. Arab Street Files. Interesting but I noticed with much distaste that he refers to the trouble makers over here as the 'resistance', (pukes). If you want an example of the intelligent yet brain washed masses in the Arab world, this blog is the one for you.

Zaydoun blogs from Kuwait. I particulary enjoyed his theories regarding the Arab Star Academy show finals. I never thought of it that way and frankly I wasn't much a fan of the show, but I really disliked that Attiya fellow (he won). So you have another good blog from the Middle East.