Friday, April 09, 2004

The impotent GC

And of course, I guess it is now painfully clear that the GC has no real power or control over the torn country. If sovereignty is going to be handed over to them on the 30th of June, then I expect a disaster coming. GC member, Samir Al-Sumaidai confessed today that they had no real power and that they cannot do anything at the moment. Sallama Al-Khafaji stated to Arabiya tv today that what is taking place in Iraq is a popular Intifada and she strongly condemned occupation forces. Sallama replaced Akila Al-Hashimi after her assasination. She was one of my professors back at Dental School, and everyone knew her as a Ba'athist back then, now she claims she was operating from inside the Ba'ath on behalf of SCIRI. I just think she is a hypocrite.

Other GC members refrained from speaking against Muqtada Al-Sadr, heh. Allawi blamed it all on 'foreign terrorists' without explicitly defining who he was referring to. Al-Rubai'i explained that this "is not a political issue, this is an issue pertaining to the Iraqi judiciary". Ghazi Al-Yawar said that Mustafa Al-Ya'qubi was only being questioned and that he is not a suspect. That's the pussy council for you. Only the Kurdish members are vocal enough to call him an 'outlaw', and Barzani stressed that no one "is above the law anymore".