Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Women's secret shelter

The Iraqi Women Freedom Organization, an Iraqi Communist Workers subsidiary organization, announced the opening of the first shelter for women that are under the threat of honour killings, intimidation, and familial or domestic violence. Yanar Mohammed, chairwoman of the organization (who has been threatened with murder herself by an anonymous religious group) made the announcement, and stated that "Iraqi women would no longer have to submit to social circumstances and traditions that force inferiority or subservience on them, and no longer would they have to be deprived from their existence in order to preserve the honour of the family or the tribe". She added that the shelter's location would be fully secret.

Now this project is an unprecedented one in Iraq (and probably in the whole region). And until now there has been no reaction whatosever from religious groups and clerics to the announcement, but I fear the worst. However, I still think that Iraqi feminists kick ass!