Monday, March 29, 2004

Libyan blog!

I'm extremely proud to call your attention to the first blog ever to come out of Libya. Actually, it has been online for a while now. The blogger Highlander, as she fancies to call herself, has posted occasionally since September and has agreed lately (after some persuasion on my part!) to continue blogging. Some of you may know her as 'Libyan' from my comments section. She has so many interesting things about her country to blog about. I, for one, am greatly excited about this, and only hope that this will encourage other Libyans (and Arabs in general) to follow the example. Stop reading this now and go pay my friend a visit.


At last, I've enabled an RSS feed for the blog, many readers have been asking me to do this. I admit that the RSS thing is still a mystery to me, but what the hell, you can make use of it now.

Also, new blogs from Iraq. Raed Jarrar, Salam's co-blogger, now has his own seperate blog site. Faiza is giving Arabic lessons on this blog (I can't keep up with the Jarrar family blogs! They keep multiplying). And here you can read her war diaries. While you're at it check out this awesome Iraqi cook book.

Abu Hadi's page has been updated, and I have a new guest blog written by Mina, where she expresses her views concerning the upcoming Arab Summit.


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