Sunday, February 08, 2004

Wahhabi fast food

Hurray. I found the perfect restaurant close to the hospital, and it's run by real Wahhabis! The restaurant owner is a Bin Laden look-alike, and they serve the tastiest Kabab, felafel, hummus, potata chap, and makhlama. Yes, it appears that the areas south to Basrah are also populated by a large number of Wahabbi Sunnis, many of whom had migrated from the Saudi and Kuwaiti deserts during the last two centuries. You can identify them by their long beards and also by the way they dress. And I can't get enough of their Kabab.


Someone accused me of stereotyping the whole people living south of Basrah, which is ridiculous. In case you don't know, my mother descends from an Iraqi Wahhabi family very closely related to the house of Saud. Of course I taunt her all the time about it, but I wouldn't stereotype my own family, would I? The Shia Basrawis refer to them as 'our brothers', and the Wahhabi minorities respect them as well and NEVER refer to them as 'infidels'. They have been living together over here for centuries and they prove a great example of tolerance in Iraqi society.

And to those who were interested in makhlama and potata chap. Makhlama is basically an omelette with a filling that consists of finely chopped potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and minced meat. And it makes a very hearty breakfast. potata chaps are patties made of mashed potatoes, and stuffed with spicy minced meat. Enjoy!