Saturday, February 14, 2004

Resolution 137 repealed!

The Ministry of Justice officially announced that the GC Resolution 137 can be considered annulled, and that all future family affairs cases would be dealt with according to the former Personal Circumstances ahwal al shakhsiya code which has been in effect since the fifties, and which the GC unilaterally abolished more than a month ago replacing it with Islamic Sharia law.

On the other hand, an anonymous group which calls itself Jaish Al-Sahaba threatened Yanar Mohammed, an Iraqi women rights activist, with murder in a few days. The message was sent to Mrs. Mohammed on the Internet demanding her to repent or otherwise face death. The Iraqi Communist Workers party denounced the threat and considered it an attempt to wreak havoc in Iraqi society.

Yanar Mohammed organized a symposium against Resolution 137 titled (No to slavery of Iraqi women) just a few weeks ago, and particpated in several women groups demonstrations demanding an end to the oppression of women. (Via Azzaman Baghdad edition)