Saturday, February 14, 2004

The predators latest message

(A translated article by Iraqi writer and columnist Abdul Mun'im Al-Assam).

In the last ten days, it was the desire of predator beasts to slaughter two hundred Iraqi civilians, and to dismember and permanently disfigure over a thousand of them. In Arbil, the capital of the Kurdish region, and in the town of Al-Iskandariyah south of Baghdad, and lately at Muthanna airport in the heart of the Iraqi capital. What comes first to attention is that the nationality of the victims of all these atrocities is an Iraqi one flowing with a sense of belonging to Iraq, with love, and fear for it's future. The murderers, on the other hand, remain anonymous and unidentified, nurtured and unleashed to our streets from the factories of terrorism and Islamic extremism, the heresy of the barbaric resistance and regional smugglers, and the remnants of the dictatorship retreating from their dens to behind the borders with the funds and deposits they plundered from the Iraqi Central Bank.

One of the predators described his feelings on a website promoting the bloodshed in Iraq: "I was there. Praise Allah, I was able to participate in some missions.. The Iraqis watched me.. I hated them, and I hated their accents".

Another thing that comes to attention is that with each of these awful bombings, there is a clear message that does not require much skill or research to unravel. The latest message of the Arbil, Iskandariya, Muthanna airport atrocities was however eloquent in defining the goal of killing the greatest number of Iraqis as possible in areas that are to some extent stable and peaceful. Also within the details of this message is a sectarian mine not very much concealed from the eyes of experts. The vast majority of the victims were Kurdish and Shi'ite citizens, and that the perpetrators are attempting to stir sectarian schisms to give the impression that these attacks are carried out in the name of the Sunni population or avenging it, gambling on a reaction to be followed by a series of others which would eventually lead Iraq into a fire that no one can predict its consequences.

Also, contained in the details of the message, is an implied call to Iraqi Kurds and Shi'ites that says: the appropriate solution to provide security and safety from rigged vehicles and blind suicidal bombers is to form two independent entities, an ethnic one in the north, and a sectarian one in the south, leaving the rest to the emirate of Sheikh Bin Laden who has been exhausted from living in Afghani caves.

Yes it is truely a resistance, not to expel foreign occupiers from Iraq, but to expel Iraq from the map.