Saturday, February 14, 2004

Iraqi Ulemma issue fatwa against violence

Several Iraqi Muslim clerics, from both the Sunni and Shi'ite sects, issued a collective fatwa against inter-Iraqi violence, asssasinations, and terrorist attacks. Below is a full translation of the fatwa. (Via Al-Arab newspaper).

Oh believers, you shall obey Allah, his messenger, and those in charge amongst you. (Sura 4:59)

The Muslim Ulemma held a meeting at Imam Al-Khalisi's Madinat Al-Ilm university in Kadhimiyah, Baghdad on the 15th of Thi Al-Qi'da, year 1424 of the Hijri calendar. And after looking into the overall condition of Muslims in the country and the developing problems they have been through, and in the light of Allah's holy book and the Sunna of his prophet (pbuh), we have issued this obligatory fatwa for all muslims who believe in the two Shahadas to follow:

"Unity between all Muslims is a legal duty above all others, and that any statement or action which may result in weakening or dividing the Umma is absolutely prohibited legally, and that a Muslim's blood is haram (forbidden) on his brother Muslim, according to the honourable Hadith: "A Muslim is haram on a Muslim: his honour, his possessions, and his blood".

Therefore, any attacks or aggressions against Iraqis, their scientists and intellectuals, their mosques and holy places are legal sins which no true Muslim should commit. It is our legal duty as Ulemma and heralds of the Umma to emphasize the spirit of tolerance, unity, and harmony, and to warn against division and dispersion, and any statement or deed which may lead to them, not taking into consideration the interest of the Umma.

The believers are members of one family, so keep the peace within and revere Allah, that you may attain mercy. (Sura 49:10)

Oh Lord, witness that we have informed.. Witness that we have informed.


Mohammed Mahdi Al-Khalisi.
Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Kubaisi.
Harith Suleiman Al-Dhari.
Ahmad Al-Hassani Al-Baghdadi.
Ibrahim Munir Al-Mudarris.
Mohammed Ahmad Al-Rashid.
Dr. Mohammed Bashar Al-Faydhi.
Jawad Al-Khalisi.
Qasim Al-Ta'i.
Abdul Ridha Al-Jaza'iri.

15th of Thi Al-Qi'da. 1424 H.