Sunday, January 25, 2004

Survey results in Arbil (2nd part)

10)Preferences for the present stage:

-Creating job opportunities 98.03%
-Reconstruction 94.11%
-Enforcing the law 90.19%
-Removing negativities of the past 90.19%
-Ending the occupation 86.27%

11)Opinion on coalition presence in Iraq:

-Necessary 74.50%
-Temporarily acceptable 64.70%
-Unacceptable 31.37%

12)Attitude of coalition forces towards Iraqis:

-Cordial 60.78%
-Indifferent 39.21%
-Ruthless 45.09%

13)What does freedom mean to you:

-To practice whatever you like or believe in 62.74%
-To practice whatever you like as long as it doesn't infringe on others 80.39%

14)How do you see equality between men and women:

-Each should practice his/her role as defined by the community 80.93%
-Each should practice his/her role as defined by religion 88.23%
-Each should practice his/her role as defined by religion and the community 82.35%
-A woman should practice her role in the same way as women in the West do 41.17%

15)Should women participate in building society or should her role be restricted:

-Should participate in building society 68.62%
-Her role should be restricted 31.25%

16)Should women be granted a greater role in society by the new Iraqi constitution:

-Yes 78.43%
-No 21.56%

17)Should women be allowed to run for presidency in the new Iraq:

-Yes 33.33%
-No 66.66%

18)Should there be a greater participation of women in parliamentary institutions:

-Yes 84.31%
-No 15.68%

19)Should women have the right to decide about issues of her education, marriage, and work:

-Yes 94.11%
-No 5.88%

(Via Azzaman).