Friday, January 23, 2004

Iraqi survey results in northern Iraq (1st part)

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research recently conducted a survey in the city of Arbil (Kurdish autonomous area) which involved issues such as: the form of future government in Iraq, the GC, political parties, coalition presence, democracy and freedom, women, resistance, looting and crime, and the reconstruction.

A random sample of 51 citizens (ages 18-55 years) was surveyed. Gender partcipation was 21 females, and 30 males. Education of participants: 10 with higher degrees, 32 with Bachelor degrees, 8 secondary school degrees, and one primary school degree.

1)The form of the future Iraqi government:

-Islamic monarchy 45.09%
-Constitutional monarchy 15.68%
-Republic 60.78%
-Islamic republic 17.41%

2)Ethnic and religious based federalism:

-Yes 47.05%
-No 52.94%

3)Participation in the future government:

-According to efficiency and citizenship 84.31%
-According to ethnic and religious percentages 15.69%

4)Opinion on existing political parties in Iraq today:

-Democratic and honest 37.25%
-Impotent and unconvincing 41.17%
-Represent the majority of Iraqis 39.21%
-Necessity of agreement among parties 78.43%
-Have clear plans for the future 37.25%

5)Opinion on the GC:

-Important first step to build the new Iraq 74.05%
-Important first step for stability 70.58%
-Additional step to consecrate the occupation 35.29%

6)Priorities of the GC:

-Preparing the constitution 98.03%
-Preparing elections 88.23%
-Providing security and stability 80.39%
-Building state institutions 80.39%
-Treating the economic situation and unemployment 80.39%
-Providing basic services 80.39%
-Building the army 62.74%

7)Desirable character of the future elected president of Iraq:

-Just and righteous 100%
-Complies with the law and constitution 100%
-Carries out demands and aspirations of the Iraqi people 98.03%
-Learns from previous mistakes 98.03%
-Capable of establishing democracy 94.11%
-Capable of creating a unified Iraq 92.15%
-Complies with human rights 88.23%
-Carries out Islamic Sharia law 64.7%

8)Opinion on the lootings wich followed April 9:

-Ignorance and retardation 86.27%
-Deterioration of economic situation 82.35%
-Release of convicted prisoners prior to war 70.58%
-Repression and frustration 68.62%
-Deliberate sabotage 58.82%
-Foreign motivation 49.01%

9)Opinion on insurgent activity against the coalition:

-Remnants of the former regime 84.31%
-Spontaneous reactions 78.34%
-Sabotage and destruction 72.54%
-Resistance against occupation 43.13%

(Via Azzaman Baghdad edition)