Friday, December 05, 2003

Update on the Anti-terror demonstrations

We spent some time investigating whether the rallies were still schedulled for December 10th. Yes, it was like doing some kind of detective work. It's strange that nobody seems to know any details about the event. We went to different local newspaper offices which had published articles about it. All we got is that the demonstrations are still being organized but no exact date has been given out due to security considerations. hmmm. How are people supposed to demonstrate when everything is being so secretive? This isn't good at all.

Anyway, Dr. Ali, Omar's brother, contacted someone from the Communist party, and they informed him that the demos would be on 10 December if everything went right, otherwise they would be on the 15th. We tried to get to the Al-Iraqiyah channel which announced the preparations for the march two weeks ago, but we found out that it was inaccessible to us. grrr. And of course the GC doesn't have a website or even a f*ing email address, so one can be sure. But wait, I could try emailing their members political parties websites. Help me out with this. Go to Future of Iraq Portal and find their contact info under Iraqi parties. I don't really have the time or energy to do it all.

To wrap it all up, the rallies are still on, but the exact date will be announced one or two days before. Sorry guys, this was the best we could do. I will be sure to post any other updates as soon as I get them. And of course I'll be there and hopefully taking pictures if I get my camera.

Azzaman paper had an interview with Ibrahim Al-Abudi a member of the new Anti-Terrorism Popular Committee which is organizing the rallies together with the GC and the ministry of interior. He didn't give any location or date for the rallies. He accused Arab Sattelite channels of inciting violence in terrorism within the Iraqi society. This could mean that the demonstrations will also be against those channels. Al-Jazeera anyone?