Saturday, December 06, 2003

Latest demonstrations in Baghdad

Several hundred Iraqis protested for peace and against terror yesterday at Fardus square in front of the Palestine and Sheraton hotels. The rally was organized by the Iraqi Democratic Trend, prominent tribal leaders, and clerics from southern Iraq. The demos which were led by children carrying flowers called for immediate steps to be taken by the CPA and GC to put a stop to all violence against Iraqi citizens and coalition forces, and to resinstate the Iraqi army after screening out Ba'athist elements.

Aziz Al-Yassiri secretary of the Iraqi Democratic Trend described the daily attacks in Iraq as acts of terrorism and that any attempt to legitimize or justify these acts as 'resistance' are ridiculous.

Safaa Al-Ajili of the Iraqi Nationalists Movement demanded the closing of borders with neighbouring countries to prevent the infiltration of saboteurs, criminals, and terrorists seeking to destabilize the country and undermine reconstruction efforts.

Protestors carried signs and banners that said 'No to terrorism', 'Yes for peace', 'Iraqis stand united against terror and violence', 'Thanks to CPA soldiers', 'We thank the coalition for our FREEDOM'. (Via Azzaman Baghdad edition)

Here is a photo of the demonstrations scanned from Azzaman paper (poor quality).

Preparations for larger rallies and a national day against terror are still under way and are planned for mid December.

By the way, what the hell are news organizations trying to prove by putting terrorism between idiotic quotation marks like this? I've decided to put quotation marks myself on the following terms: 'news organizations', 'media', 'press', 'coverage, 'reporter', and 'journalist'. F*ing morons.

In the meanwhile please visit this site and get a banner for your website or blog like the one on my sidebar to show your support for the Iraqi demonstrations and peace in Iraq. Encourage as many people as you can to do the same. Many thanks to ManInTheShadows, Ruleta, Bianca, and everyone else for their great efforts.