Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Largest postwar crackdown operation by the IP

Lt. Ahmed Kathim Ibrahim deputy of the minister of interior announced that the ministry of interior had finished planning on the largest preemptive operation since the war against terrorist cells, armed militants, and remnants of the former regime. This unprecedented operation will be carried out by a joint task of IP and the new Civil Defense corps, it will be the first Iraqi controlled operation of its kind with no coalition support.

Lt Ibrahim did not reveal any details concerning the theatre of operations, the areas of Iraq covered, or the exact date.

This decision was after several threat letters by Ba'ath loyalists against the ministry, IP officials, the Police Academy, and top ministry officials specifically against Lt. Ahmed Kathim himself. Kathim added that this this threat was the third one after similar threats from both Al-Qaeda, and Mullah Krikar of Ansar Al-Islam.

This operation if carried out efficiently would prove that Iraqis alone are qualified to handle the security situation. I believe it would be a great opportunity for IP and the young Civil Defense force to accept their huge responsibilities while relying less on the coalition. We wish our brave men all the success in their mission. I for one am convinced they will not let us down anymore.