Tuesday, December 02, 2003

An Iraqi survey

Survey results by an Iraqi organization called Al-tajammu' Al-thaqafi indicated that a majority of Baghdad residents look forward to a secular democratic Iraqi state and regard the various attacks against coalition troops and Iraqi civilians as acts of terrorism not of resistance.

A sample of 816 Baghdadi's was covered by the survey (637 of them males, and 144 females). 13 of the participants carried PhD degrees, 34 with Masters degrees, 299 Bachelor degrees, 153 diplomas, 158 high school students, 96 secondary schools, and 62 from primary schools.

The survey consisted of 17 questions discussing several issues such as the role of women in postwar Iraq, Federalism, and seperation of state and religion.

Al-tajammu' Al-thaqafi was found last July by a group of Iraqi intellectuals with goals to encourage an Iraqi society that holds principles such as freedom of speech, cultural communication, respect of human rights regardless of religious, sectarian, and ethnic differences, and condemnation of violence, terrorism, extremism, and racism. They are an idependent self-financing organization. (via Azzaman Baghdad edition)