Saturday, November 22, 2003

When will we ever get rid of this buffoon?

Muqtada Al-Sadr seems to have changed his mind once again about the coalition after the CPA announced recently that mosque imams preaching and instigating violence and terrorism would be arrested and detained for criminal behaviour. Muqty believes that preaching violence is a form of free speech and should not be questioned:

"Generally, America tends to arrest anyone that holds a different opinion and that is just what the former regime in Iraq used to do. We just exchanged the Little Satan with the Greater Satan."

Muqty? Saddam Hussein? A little satan? I thought you were taught better than that at Al-Hawza. I'm sure all your mullah professors are terribly dissapointed in you.


"After their policies failed in Iraq they now want to transfer power to Iraqis on conditions that elections be held in the country and that is nonsense. These elections should be carried out by Iraqis and far from the occupiers supervision and tampering."

Can't have it your way chum. You'll have to get used to it. But here is the big laugh; Muqty sadly asks:

"When did wars and occupations ever mean peace? When was interference in other countries affairs peaceful?"

Give me a frigging break man. Who are you to be talking about peace? When you have an 'army of the virtuous'? I'm sure you are no more a peacelover than Sheikh Yassin is.