Sunday, November 09, 2003

We are taking over the blogosphere

Wow! In less than a week two Iraqi blogs have spawned. I'm proud I started this thing.

Meet Ays, my friend and colleague. We just finished setting up his weblog Iraq at a glance. Go take a look at his blog and leave him a kind and encouraging comment. Ays talks about his new blogging experience:

"Frequently , I was dreaming of having a simple page to post my own ideas , thoughts and opinions , but I couldn’t find what I’m looking for .
But now , I am so exited to find this great site ( which will guide and help hundreds of thousands of people to blog and say whatever they see and debate with others ,( ESPECIALLY the Iraqis , we were living in the dark ages , you know ) ."

Once again I can't stress enough the importance of reading ALL the Iraqi blogs you can find. I will do my best to convince more and more Iraqis to voice their thoughts on the web. Stay tuned.