Saturday, November 15, 2003

New Iraqi bilingual blog!

Baghdadee, an ambitious Iraqi expatriate living in the US has started a bilingual Arabic/English group weblog project here. Mind you, this is Iraqi blog number 10! To anyone who underestimates the power of blogs look at what just a small effort on my side has achieved. Before I started this blog we had only 4 Iraqi blogs for 6 months (only one of them writing regularly). In just a month of my blogging, 5 new Iraqi blogs were born and I intend to surprise you with many more soon. My blog was the first to open a dialogue between Iraqis everywhere and others especially Americans, and I'm glad to see my blog sons doing the same. Now ain't that grand! Kudos to Jeff, Salam, and the great Hoder for motivating me to do this.

Now back to Baghdadee who describes his project (My emphasis):

Another attempt to get the voice of simple Iraqis who can’t speak/read English out to the universe.
We are volunteers thinking that this might be our participation in liberating Iraqis
Especially those who represent the silent majority which the old regime was trying to shut them up and to isolate.

We translate the comments and articles both way to our best to bridge between people on both sides of the world.
We would like any one who can help by translating comments and articles.
And send to our email or publish it on the comments page.

And from an email he sent me:

I am Iraqi, a high tech slave working for, living in the States/California with a base inside Iraq relying on some friends and relatives.. While I am setting and maintaining the site, they are doing the other stuff.. The idea is to let as much as Iraqi inside Iraq to have direct access to those outside.. I think there is a lot to be done in this field.

Keep up the good work buddy! You're doing just what we needed badly. And to everyone else, pay a visit, post your comments and do your best to publicize this project on the net. Embrace the guy and deluge him with hits. You can translate your comments into Arabic using this site to reach a wider audience of Iraqis. And to all Iraqis reading this, show your support by translating articles both ways and submitting them to Baghdadee and his crew to be published on their blog. You will be making a HUGE contribution to the Iraqi blogosphere.