Sunday, November 16, 2003

Iraq the model

Omar, another friend and coworker of mine has started a blog Iraq The Model, together with his brother, they are also both dentists. So now we have a total of twelve Iraqi blogs on the Internet. I'll mention all the Iraqi blogs again for those who may have missed them:

Dear Raed, by Salam Pax.

G In Baghdad, by Gaith (Salam's friend). Has quitted blogging as far as I know.

Ishtar Talking, by Nawar in Basrah. Hasn't been updated for some months now.

Zainab, at Quitted after one post.

Baghdad Burning, by Riverbend. Updated regularly.

Healing Iraq, the one you are reading right now.

The Mesopotamian, by Alaa. Regularly.

Iraq at a glance, by A.Y.S. Regularly.

Hammorabi, by Sam (Iraqi living in the UK).

Baghdadee, Iraqi group blog by Baghdadee (living in the US) and his friends in Iraq.

Nabil's Blog, sports blog by my brother Nabil.

Is Something Burning, Iraqi cooking blog by Riverbend.

Iraq The Model, by Omar and Mohammad.

I'll keep you updated on the new Iraqi blogs coming out. I still haven't had any luck getting Iraqi women to blog though. Maybe other Iraqis reading this blog can offer any help or suggestions?