Friday, November 28, 2003

Demonstrations today

There were anti-terrorism demonstrations today in Baghdad. I didn't hear about it during the day, but Omar dropped by today and told me all about it. Both his brothers Ali and Mohammed were there.

I was a bit dissapointed because I told everybody on the blog that the demos were scheduled for December 10. It seems they somehow messed up the arrangements and decided to have it today probably for security considerations, but I still don't know for sure now if the Dec 10 demos have been cancelled or not. AARGHH, How embarrassing.
If you can't find any mention of this in the news, I will try to dig up some photos from local papers tomorrow. Omar said that Al-Jazeera did mention the demos, but I don't know about other news channels. It seems we got too carried away with the Id celebrations. Omar was frustrated, he was partying at a friends house last night, and only today did he find out about both Bush's visit and the demonstrations. Heh, what kind of journalists are we anyway?

I'll tell you more details about the rallies when I get them.


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Omar had been discouraged, this individual was having a party with a friends home yesterday, in support of today did they learn about both Bush's pay a visit to and also the demonstrations. Heh, what type of journalists am i at any rate?

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