Saturday, November 01, 2003

Conspiracy theories

Once and for all, I have nothing to do with this site. I did not know anything about it. And you have to understand that I don't have much time in the world (like some people apparently have) nor any interest to browse the Internet searching for evidence about the authors identity. Someone pointed out that he was copying my posts. I took a look and found that he had mentioned my name along with my post which didn't mean he stole anything. I read a couple of his entries at the time and I didn't notice they were plagiarised. After all I do not read US newspapers nor do I follow US govt. reports, so how could I possibly know he was copying them?

I mentioned that he might be an Iraqi or someone from the CPA and noted that it might have been an interesting read if he did NOT post under Riverbend's name. I left it at that. In the least I did not expect people to email me accusing me of endorsing the fake site and then coming to all sorts of false conclusions about me or my blog from that premise. It isn't my job (or hobby) to be an Internet cop. But since so much people were whining I reluctantly looked up the 'evidence' and it seems that the faker is an 'embittered Republican party activist', 'a right-wing nut', a 'misogynist', and a 'propagandist' as they put it. So according to that I can now safely assume that he is not an Iraqi nor someone from CPA (happy now?).

I also have to mention that I am NOT endorsing these sites that are offering proof of the faker's real identity. I just want to ask some 'neutral' parties to please take a look at that evidence and give us their opinions in the comments section. The sites offering the proof could have enough resources to truly prove the guy's real identity. Or they could be just as biased which could affect their judgement. If they are really 100% sure and can provide concrete evidence, I can't see how my brief remark would undermine their evidence.

I do appreciate the service Brian offered Riverbend and her readers in exposing the lies of riverSbend. To everyone who is trying to make this an issue go here.

While I think its deplorable that the author of assumed Riverbend's identity, used graphics that are not his own, tried to give the impression that he is an Iraqi, and obviously to cast doubt on Riverbend's writing. I also think it is equally deplorable that people jump to conclusions about MY identity or MY site just from a couple of lines I wrote about the smear site. And if you people were able to trace the faker back to the US, why not do the same and trace me back to Iraq and put an end to all this nonsensical BS?

These are the sites offering the evidence of the guy's identity:
Everyone is welcome to spill their guts in the comments section.