Tuesday, November 25, 2003


I feel compelled to bring this subject once again to your attention. I told you on many occasions when I started accepting comments to the blog that I would keep the section unmoderated and open to all as long as everyone stayed on topic and carried debates in a civilized manner. Having noticed recently that it has inadvertently turned into a message board discussing American internal affairs, and politics, partisan debates, left and right issues, and most lately has attracted a not so insignificant anti-war crowd (how this came to happen I have no idea) which have hijacked the section and started using it as a forum to voice their views on topics irrelevant to the blog and its real purpose.

I am sorry to announce that if this behaviour predominates, I will have no choice but to ban certain users. It's no use crying over spilled milk. Whats the point in obstinately debating whether this war was morally right or wrong? It happened, period. I do respect all your opinions and I admit that some of them have been extremely helpful but please understand where I'm coming from.

Another thing, some people insist on posting full articles from other sources which occupies a lot of space, so if you find something that is RELEVANT to my posts and feel it should be noticed just offer a link to the source.

Also, I will not tolerate nor allow any bashing of my fellow Iraqi bloggers here. Calling them names isnt any helpful in backing up your arguments. Attack what they write if you have to, don't attack their persons. And always remember that if you disagree with their views, that does not make them any less valid. A while back there were scores of other Iraqis posting here in comments, now I can hardly find any. I'm afraid that some people have unintentionally scared them away instead of listening to what they had to say. Alaa, Sam, and Baghdadee all started posting in my comments section before they started their own blogs. Imagine the number of other potential Iraqi bloggers that might have emerged have you given them a chance.

Don't worry though, I will not do away with the comments section all together and if you insist on having it that way, I will leave it as it is, but I will also be paying less and less attention to it eventually.