Saturday, November 01, 2003

Ba'ath 'menshoorat'

Baghdadis have been circulating scary rumours about leaflets (we call them 'menshoorat' in Arabic) warning Iraqis from suicide attacks on Sat/Sun/Mon this week. A lot of people are panicking and many have decided not to go to work on the mentioned days.

I first heard about them three days ago. I didn't see any of these myself. But my cousin said that he read one and it wasn't from Islamic extremists, nor did it mention any kind of attacks. He said it was signed by the Ba'ath, and it called Iraqis for civil disobediance on these three days. For what reason, I have no idea. Probably just to prove a point. There were however people spreading fear among Iraqis by warning that there will be suicide attacks on schools, colleges, hospitals, and governmental offices. Or maybe there are different kinds of leaflets. Who knows. I heard that Al-Jazeera got copies of these and displayed them. I didn't see them. I'll try to find one of these and post it here.

From what I'm seeing nobody is taking these leaflets or warnings seriously, and I sure don't. There were similar leaflets before and nobody followed them. We didn't hear anyone from the ministry of interior or CPA or on tv deny these rumours. They should because the local newspapers are only aggravating the panic. I'll let you know what happens.


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