Sunday, October 26, 2003

What the f* is this??

I was so very very very dissapointed today after I heard Noori Al-Badran's (The minister of interior) instructions to Iraqi citizens regarding Ramadan.
He stated that "any Iraqi 'caught' publicly not fasting will be arrested and imprisoned for 3 days with a considerable fine to deter anyone who shows 'disrespect' for this holy month. All restaurants inside and outside the cities should close from dawn till sunset, except first class hotels restaurants. Alcohol selling shops should stay closed the whole month".

I wanted to kill someone after reading all that. Yes. Sure. Free country my ass. I never imagined they would come up with something even close to that. What should I do? Hide in a corner so I can smoke a fucking cigarette? Are they trying to force us to fast against our will? Am I supposed to fast just to show 'respect' to others who do? Why don't they show respect to people who don't fast? They can believe whatever the fuck they want, but I don't have to pay the price for their beliefs. Are we slowly reverting to what we were? Are we becoming another Iran or Saudi Arabia? Aren't we supposed to be a secular state? What was Al-Badran smoking when he decided that? What other shit are they planning to put in our Constitution?

We had something similar under Saddam during Ramadans. But there were always a few licensed restaurants open so we 'unbelievers' could have breakfast or lunch. A friend of mine went to jail for 3 days because he was caught smoking a cig in front of his house a couple of years ago. It was just one of thousands of reasons we despised Saddam. But there were people who commended him for that. Apparently our Governing Council are learning a few things from Saddam. I feel like we're living in Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. We the people are the ones to suffer always.

Some background about Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth and holiest month in the Islamic Hijri calendar. It's the month in which Mohammed wrote the first....Sorry, recieved the first revelation from Allah. Muslims have to fast every Ramadan from sunrise to sunset. Fasting includes abstaining from food, drink, sexual relations, and any unacceptable acts to achieve spiritual purification. After sunset at futur, they can fill up their bellies until the countdown at imsak just before sunrise. Women cannot fast during their periods because they are 'unclean'. A few are exempt from fasting such as the sick, medically compromised, old aged or people in travel.

As a dentist I have to endure the foulest breaths from fasters. I have to help fasters out of diabetic comas due to the normal stress during dental procedures. As a member of society I have to mumble ramadan mubarak and other stuff I don't believe in to everyone. I have to pretend I'm fasting in front of people so as not to hurt their feelings. And I have to explain myself if I'm caught and go through the obligatory discussion about the benefits of fasting both spiritually and naturally. I have to smoke in stinky public toilets. I have to roam the whole city to find some 'illegal' booze. It's a month of hypocricy. Know why? Because the moment Ramadan is over, everyone stops acting pious and reverts to whatever despicable acts they used to do. But surely Allah wills it so, we unbelievers and kafirs should not question His wisdom.