Monday, October 27, 2003

Todays tragedy

The Mujahedeen have sent the Iraqi people their Ramadan greetings. Today, the first day of Ramadan, there were several bombings all around Baghdad. The deadliest was on the Red Cross in Sina'a street. An Ambulance full of explosives went past the security barriers and exploded inside the compound. Twelve people are known to be dead till now, most of them Iraqi employees. Several people were injured in nearby houses and the Furat secondary school adjacent to the Red Cross building.

My brother came home from school very early this morning and told us all about it. His high school is about 200 meters from the targetted site. He told us that blood was all over the place and people from the area were putting injured kids from the school into taxis taking them to hospitals. Parents were panicking trying to find their children among the mess.

I don't know anything else. I saw some footage from the scene on Al-Arabiyah station and as usual they were talking about the f*ing 'resistance' and trying to justify the whole act. I couldn't stand hearing that anymore. Chickens. I can see what they are trying to do. The Red Cross has been working in Iraq since 1980 and it has never been attacked before. So why now? A spokesman from the Red Cross was talking and he said that the organization will consider abandoning all activities in Iraq. Just like the UN. Everyone I talked to today was dismayed. I'll write more about it later. I don't feel like it right now.

A police station at Hay Al-A'lam south of Baghdad was also attacked by a suicide bomber at the exact same time. I don't have any details about that one.