Thursday, October 30, 2003

Our Syrian friend recuperating

The minister of Health Khudheir Fadhil stated yesterday that the failed suicide bomber had recovered completely. He had fractures in his right and left shoulders and other minor injuries. The minister added that the bombers condition was critical on the day of the attack and was transferred to another hospital for special treatment.
I had mentioned in the last entry that he was Syrian. Well, it appeared after questioning him that he is a 22 year old Yemeni who had entered Iraq legally by his Syrian passport two days ago. An Iraqi doctor described him as dressed elegantly and said that the bomber refused to talk at first and alleged that he was mute. He was apparently baffled by the good treatment he had recieved from the Iraqi doctors. Have to say I'm baffled as well.
The IP said that on the attempted attack there were two other passengers with him in the car who fled when they started shooting. Nothing else is known about them. The Yemeni was handed over to coalition investigators.

The attack on Al-Khadhraa' police station was also carried out by an ambulance. The ministry of Health has denied that any of its ambulances were stolen. I wonder where they got them. A policeman from that station was talking about a threat letter they received a week ago signed by a Sheikh Abdullah, the leader of an Assad Allah group (haven't heard of that one). It goes like this: "Repent fast and fight in the name of Allah. Jihad is a duty of every Iraqi citizen today. Do not follow the ignorants who refuse to call for Jihad against the infidels. Whoever kills you instead of the Americans is not to blame. Blame only yourselves. You have entered an alliance with the Americans to kill your Mujahedeen brethren instead of supporting them and fighting the infidels along with them". That together with a bunch of Quran verses that warn believers not to side with their enemies. Typical stuff.

Another incident my Aunt told us about yesterday which I didn't hear about in the news yet. She was at the Iraqi Central Bank in the morning when suddenly all hell broke loose. Police sirens, IP, FPS, and American MP all over the place. They had captured six suicide bombers who turned out to be Morrocans with explosive waist belts trying to enter the bank. Since that area (Al-Rashid street) is closed to traffic, they couldn't use cars to bomb it. I hope they can get some important information out of those desperate bastards. Oh, and don't go asking me for news sources to back this up, if my aunt didn't see that with her own eyes, I wouldn't have written about it.


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