Wednesday, October 22, 2003

False alarms

The latest fashion of Jihad in Baghdad today is fake bombs and false alarms. I returned from work yesterday to find our street blocked on both ends by Iraqi police and Americans.
Oh no, not again, I thought. They didn't allow the taxi to pass, so I got out and asked some bystanders what was going on. They said a team was trying to dismantle a bomb placed on the road about 3 blocks away. Uh oh.

Our street was literally swarming with soldiers and police. I stood by expecting an explosion any second and ogling a beautiful blonde thinking how sexy she looked in that military outfit. I asked a sergeant if it was okay for me to walk home and I pointed out our house to him. He motioned to the others and said okay. I treaded slowly and carefully hoping I wouldn't get shot by some scared idiot. I got to the house and went in, checking if everything was okay, opening the windows just in case the bomb went off.

I later went out again to find everyone in the street grinning foolishly. What the f*ck is this? I thought. The guy who runs a store across the street beckoned me. He told me that the bomb was actually a couple of bricks wrapped in aluminum foil in a black nylon bag.
I wasn't as amused as the others by this fact. What could it mean? I suspected that we would suddenly hear a large explosion somewhere nearby and that this was just a decoy or something. But nothing happened.

Today the same scene took place again just a few hours ago. A similar bag was found at the exact same location.

I was asleep but my brother told me all about it because he was so stupidly standing there, chatting with some of the younger Americans about wrestling and sports stuff. I always warn him not to do this, it's still very dangerous to hang around them and shite happens. It also brings him unwanted attention. But it's no talking.

There have been reported incidents like this at some schools and colleges in Baghdad. I'm just hoping that some jokers are behind it and nothing more serious than that. We'll see.